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Ikuhara Takeya is a high school student living a normal life. He is not interested in the commotion around a UFO filled with beautiful alien females that crashed on earth a year ago. The aliens, known as DearS, are deciding to take permanent residence on earth. What no one knows is that these aliens are a slave species whose sole purpose is to serve and please their masters. One day, Takeya spots a person shivering behind some bushes. This person, Ren, is one of the DearS, and after being saved by Takeya she chooses him as her master. Takeya, who doesn't know about the master-slave relationship of DearS, tries to teach Ren the normal lifestyle of the people on earth, though he constantly fears that Ren is an evil alien who's trying to brainwash him. But Ren isn't like other DearS. She is in fact malfunctioning and is being tracked down by their leader.

DearS - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2004-07-10

DearS - Mai Nakahara - Netflix

Mai Nakahara (中原 麻衣, Nakahara Mai, born February 23, 1981) is a Japanese voice actress and singer associated with I'm Enterprise. She has voiced lead roles as Mai Tokiha in My-Hime, Anna Aoi in Godannar, Midori Kasugano in Midori Days, Miu in DearS and Nagisa Furukawa in Clannad. She also voiced Juvia in Fairy Tail, Rena Ryugu in Higurashi When They Cry, May Wong in Kaleido Star and Noi Kasahara in The Wallflower. In video games, she voiced Prier in La Pucelle: Tactics and the Disgaea series, Estellise in Tales of Vesperia, Morgan in Tears to Tiara and Yggdra in Yggdra Union. She has also sung theme songs for anime shows, some of which have charted on Oricon.

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