Marianela's Best Beaches - Netflix

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Get the inside scoop on the best beaches in California and Florida with Argentinian model and adventurer Marianela Pereyra.

Marianela's Best Beaches - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-02-15

Marianela's Best Beaches - Señorita Panamá - Netflix

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Marianela's Best Beaches - History - Netflix

After 28 years, the Señorita Panamá pageant, organized by Medcom Corporation, was discontinued. A new organization took over in 2011 with the official name of the contest being Miss Panama (not to be confused with Señorita Panamá or Bellezas Panamá). In 2012, Miss Panamá National Beauty Contest (Concurso de Nacional de la Belleza Miss Panama) under the direction of the Miss Panamá Organization (ORGANIZACIÓN MISS PANAMA s.a.) obtained 2 other national franchises to select representatives to Miss Earth and Miss International. The 2012 edition of Miss Panamá started to crown four winners in the following order: Miss Panamá Universe, Miss Panama World, Miss Panama Earth, and Miss Panama International to represent the country to the four major international beauty contests. The last two Miss Panama Earth and Miss Panama International are franchises run by Tanya Hyman. Miss Panama Universe and Miss Panama World are of Miss Panama Organization run by its president Marisela Moreno. The pageant is broadcast by the official partner of the pageant, “Telemetro”. After five years of Miss Panama pageant under the direction of Marisela Moreno, Medcom Corporation lost the franchise of Miss Universe in 2016, and the opportunity to select the candidate for this contest.Justine Pasek & César Anel Rodríguez acquire the rights of the title Señorita Panamá pageant and will select the candidate who represent the country in Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth.

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